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about AX11:

1990 I finally dived „seriously“ into electronic music. I had been infected with it, since I had heard the first tunes of Kraftwerks „Radio Activity“ for the first time. I still remember the very moment when one of my friends put it on his brand new stereo (it must have been the X’mas holidays 1982). I was electrified. For years I had not the slightest idea how someone could produce sounds like this.

I had been trying to play guitar since I was ten and finally – it worked: I could invent a melodic fragment from nothing, imagine how it would sound and how to paraphrase it – and then play it. Big thing. I had worked two whole years -a sixth of my life- for that.

So „conservative“ music kept me quite busy for the next years, when I finished school while more and more continuosly playing in one or even two or thee bands at the same time.

About 1984 the first home computers became available and indeed, I could get some rhythmic beeps and booms out of my VIC with the help of some lines of BASIC. Primitive, and nasty but there was the spirit. I even did a gig with my school’s band and a C-64, but these were experiments, funny, but not more.

Things changed a lot as the AMIGA 500, ATARI ST and the first pieces of affordable MIDI-hardware appeared. That was about 1990 when I and two fellow angry young cyborgs decided that our goals were not compatible with the superstitious fears and primitive moral of these cavemen or, as we used to call mankind: the underflesh – and started some kind of a really weird cult around our just founded band, which was almost even more weird: today one would name it „prototype industrial“ or „technopunk“. But in these days we more regularly were reffered to as „complete nutbags“ or „drunk, mad, stoned – and who knows what else“.

We would probably have wasted ourselves in our nihilist chemical crusade against anything quite soon, but in early 1991 the big Techno hype broke loose – and at once it was „hip“ to party yourself straight into the funny farm. Half a dozen of my buddies actually did and it wasn’t funny at all. Techno – or what the majors had turned it into was not much better anymore.

So I grabbed my guitar and left. I felt, I had neglected my practicing for too long anyway…

Nine years later, I showed up in a small, loud and wicked club in Berlin. I had some exiting new toys with me: a not exactly cheap laptop computer, a LED-projector and a bundle of animations and video filters. I had spent almost two years of practise on it but finally – it worked. I could imagine a sequence of abstract shapes, integrate them into a concept of „loud“ and „silent“ colors – and then play it.


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